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BEAM- Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao
BEED- Bachelor of Elementary Education
BESRA- Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda
BSED- Bachelor of Secondary Education
CHED- Commission on Higher Education
CI- Competency Indicator
CMO-CHED Memorandum Order
CSC- Commission on Civil Service
DEDP- Division Educational Development Plan
DepEd- Department of Education
DO- Division Office
GAD- Gender and Development
HRIS-Human Resource Information System
ICT- Information and Communication Technology
IPPD- Individual Plan for Professional Development
KRT2- Key Reform Thrust 2
KSA- Knowledge, Skills, Values
LAC- Learning Action Cell
LET- Licensure Examination for Teachers
NCBTS- National Competency-Based Teacher Standards
PGCE-Post Graduate Certificate in Education
PIP- Project Implementation Plan
PRC- Professional Regulation Commission
REDP- Regional Education Development Plan
SIP- School Improvement Plan
SLE- Suggested Learning Episode
STRIVE- Strengthening Implementation of Basic Education in the
TEC- Teacher Education Council
TEDP- Teacher Education and Development Plan
TEDP-TWG- Teacher Education and Development Plan Technical
Working Group
TEI- Teacher Education Institution
TIP- Teacher Induction Program
TPDIx- Teacher Professional Development Index
TSNA- Teacher Strengths and Needs Assessment
TSNA-WG- Teacher Strengths and Needs Assessment Working Group

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