Installation, Turnover and Acceptance Ceremony

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Installation, Turnover and Acceptance Ceremony

Post  Admin on Mon May 21, 2012 10:56 pm

Installation, Turnover and Acceptance Ceremony
by admin on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 9:03am ·

Installation, Turnover and Acceptance Ceremony is the relinquishment and assumption of responsibility, command or key position.

At 9:30 a.m , Saturday, May 19, 2012 , another highlighted event was witnessed in Tugbungan Elementary School Open Stage by Tugbungan Elementary School Circle with Deped Personalities:Dr. Husna B. Lim (Tetuan District Surrogate) Public Schools District Supervisor,Newly Installed TES Principal, Sir Inocente Saavedra, Former TES Principal, Madam Helen D. Abad, Principals under Tetuan District, Barangay Officials, GPTA Officials, and Respected Guests.

The event was filled with mixed feelings. Sadness, for the reason that Ma'am Helen D. Abad had exited from her post in TES, and excitement for Sir Enchiong's coming to TES.

Sir Enchiong,WELCOME to Tugbungan Elementary School. We teachers, bound to be in your command and responsibility, we will give you the moral support, wisdom to help in your huge task and I appeal to all of you, my teacher-colleagues to be hardworking, knowledgeable and be a true teacher in its sense. Let's do our job with unity and sincerity in the heart. Let's make Tugbungan Elementary School a proud school.

Madam Helen, THANK YOU so much for being a God's instrument. You, who had shared us your best in many ways, you, who had led us to be more open to things and viable to many situations to accept and follow as directed and be able to perform our duties well. Our APOLOGIES too, in all our shortcomings. Ma'am, it's not "GOODBYE" nor "FAREWELL", it's a matter of 6-letter-words: "Til we see each other again". Zamboanga Division is a little distance away from every district of Zamboanga. We are hopeful, that our path will cross someday, somehow....

To the both of you, our profound wishes of best luck on your new administration you will turn to lead.

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