Calendar of Events ..... Mind????

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Calendar of Events ..... Mind????

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These events/ activities will help you be guided and take note of things you'll do everyday, just be reminded that there are still dates of activities that are subject to change and for movements. Ref. School Calendar Year 2009-2010// R.A. 9492- 2009 Public Holidays and Bank Holidays for Philippines

5------- Special Non-working Holiday (Burial Date of Former Pres. Cory Aquino)

14------- Tagisan ng Talino
13-14---- 1st Quarter Examination
17-21---- PHIL-IRI Administration
21------- Ninoy Aquino Day (Special Holiday)
22------- Parent Teacher Conference
25------- Mga Patimpalak Para sa Buwan ng WiKang Pambansa
26------- National Career Assessment Test (NCAE)
31------- National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)


1------- National Science Club Month (NSCM) Opening Program
9--------- Sci. Quiz Bee/Sci Dama/On the Spot Essay Writing Contest (Mampang E/S)
11------- Slogan/On the Spot Making Contest/Collage Painting/Oratorical Contest/Sci-
21-------- EID'L FITR (end of Ramadan)
22-------- Science Division Competitions @ Zamboanga East Central School:On the Spot
Essay Writing Contest/ Sci Dama
24------- Sci-Division Competitions @ Sta. Maria E/S:On the Spot Poster Making/ Collage
Making Contest/Slogan/ Science Investigatory
30------ Closing/ Awarding Ceremonies


12-------- Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar
22-23------- Second Quarter Examination
26-30------- Mid Year Assessment and INSET


1---------All Saints' Day (special Holiday)
2-------- All Souls' Day (Special Non-working Day)
7------- Parent-Teacher Coneference
27------- EID'L ADHA (Non- working Public Holiday)
28------- EID'L ADHA (Non-working Holiday)
28-------- Philippine Education Placement Test - VizMin
30------- Bonifacio Day (Legal Holiday)


19 ------- Start of Christmas Break
18------- Islamic New Year (Amun Jadid) - Regional
24------- Christmas Eve
25------- Christmas Day
30------- Rizal Day
31------- New Year's Eve pirat

4 ------- Resumption of Classes
18-19--- 3rd Quarter Examination
23------ Parent-Teacher Conference


22 ------ EDSA People Power Anniversary (Legal Holiday)


3 -------- Grade III National Achievement Test (NAT)
5 -------- Grade VI National Achievement Test (NAT)
11------- Second Year National Achievement Test (NAT)
23-24 --- Final Wxaminations for Grade VI and Year IV
25-26---- Final Examinations for Grades I - V and Years I-III


1------- Maunday Thursday (Regular Holiday)
2------- Good Friday (Regular Holiday)

12------ Start of Summer Classes
18-24 -- Palarong Pambansa


1--------- Labor Day (Legal Holiday)
17-21----- National Schools Maintenance Week
22-------- End of Summer Class

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